Wednesday, 9 November 2011


............ Nipped into Poundworld in my lunchbreak and they have Christmas laser stickers (almost identical to the "Anita's" ones I used on my Elizabeth Shaw mints last year) priced at 2 for £1, Poundworld-bargain-tastic .....  (designs inc. penguins, santas, snowmen etc.) .... so I stocked up!  They also had "pop up" bubble stickers at the same price ..... quite large ...... in the same ilk as the ones I used on my Halloween sweetie bags and lots of choice. I went for the snowman ones to put with bon bons .... to make bags of snowballs! But I suspect I may be going back for more!!

More Wooden Christmas Tree Tags

Wooden Christmas Tree Tags
I think that making these tags has been my favourite thing to do this Christmas.  I think it’s the challenge of working on such a small scale.
Animal Dominoes
Carboot Sales seem to have been replaced here by markets now that the summer has gone and so my source of really cheap dominoes sets has dried up, so I’ve got my last couple of boxes from e-bay, which including P & P has still worked out a lot cheaper than buying them in town.
wooden Christmas Tree tag
I’ve had these wooden Christmas trees for at least three years and at last I have finally used them all up. 
Wooden Christmas Tree Tag 3
I am now on the lookout for large wooden jigsaw pieces that I can make some more tags with. It’s half term next week so I am going to trawl all the charity shops in Wolverhampton to see what I can find!