Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bird House Card

On Saturday I bought three packets of the new Accessorize stickers.  In the end I managed to make 22 cards with them.  All I had to add were a few small flowers that I had left over from other packets.
 Tree HouseBird House

I have about 30/40 heart stickers left over of varying sizes and colours, but I am sure they will come in useful when I have little spaces on cards or sweetie bag toppers that need filling.  
I have used some of the larger hearts on this very plain card.
Hearts 2

The black line is a peel off sticker, and all I have done is stick hearts on either side of it with a few small clear flat backed gems. This would make a nice notelet card.

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

This is very, very sad but I have been on constant Tesco Chocolate Ladybird alert for weeks now!  I had almost given up when my mate Lisa text to say she’d got some. Woo hooooooo.
Tonight I went into the village Tesco Express and there they were beckoning me to buy them!
Picture 2223
This year they are filled with caramel (last year they were solid chocolate), they cost £1.04 for a net of 13 with a sell by date of May 2010,  not long for chocolate really.  So both Lisa and I are mindful that if we want any for Easter, we will have to stock up now, because once Valentines Day has gone, we won’t be able to get anymore.
Picture 2229
So that’s my weekend planned - with boxes and bags of love bugs to make.
If you have a Dunelm Mill near you, it might be worth popping in, a friend at work popped by my office with a bulging bag of bargains, including My Minds Eye paper packs 99p, My Minds Eye decoupage pad £1.99, Dress It Up Buttons 49p pack, xmas ribbons 37p pack, A5 pads of Xmas glitter paper 49p, small card blanks 49p …… etc.

To answer Mandy's question:-  I  give a lot of sweetie bags to friends and family as presents at special times like Valentines Day, birthdays, end of term or just because presents .........
I also have a box in the staffroom with all my latest makes for people to dip into.