Monday, 22 January 2018

Disneyland Countdown Calendar Drawers

Iris and Bertie are going to Disneyland Paris in May, a legacy from their Great Granddad Colin. Iris knows she is going to see Mickey Mouse and have breakfast with The Princesses, but sometimes waiting and time is a hard concept for little ones to grasp, so to start the magic I have decided to make a Disneyland Countdown calendar to be opened on the final twenty five days before they go.
The drawers came from The Works, I got three sets when there was an offer that was too good to miss.  They are currently £15, or 2 for £28, but I got mine when there was a 30% discount code, so the third set only cost me £2.90.
I started the calendar last week, but almost as soon as I began covering the drawers I had misgivings, as I didn’t actually have any embellishments with which to create a scene on each drawer …… and for me the embellishment always comes first.  I could have spent hours covering all the drawers, including faux stitching, only to find that the colours weren’t really right …… so I stopped! 
I needed to sort out what embellishments I was going to use before anything else .……. and that was harder than it sounds, as size was hard to gauge (the drawers each measure 6cms x 4.5cms. At this point I thanked goodness I had started so far in advance and realised that this project was probably going to turn out to be quite a labour of love, but also hopefully a treasure that might possibly see future generations.
After much searching, I finally decided on using Disney themed Dress it Up Buttons, as I knew pretty well what size to expect. The plan now is to embellish twelve of the drawers to start with, creating the scenes individually from scratch, if that makes sense? Hopefully some of the drawers that I have already covered might be ok to use.
I was lucky to find these Advent numbers set  in The Works, so when the buttons arrive I think I can really crack on.
Once complete I am planning on putting tiny letters in envelopes in some of the drawers from the various characters Iris and Bertie might see and meet, as well as one or two Disney themed sweets and, if I can find any, a couple of small Disney characters. I think I have set myself quite a task ….. which is highly likely to feature regularly on my Monday posts in the coming couple of months.