Friday, 31 May 2013

Silver Sixpence Wedding Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins and is made using an ivory, linen effect,  hand cut card blank.
This heart came in one of my parcels from WholePort, I ordered it specifically with this idea in mind
I love the something old, new, borrowed wedding theme and as I have quite a few old sixpences, bought from a coin shop in Wolverhampton,  squirrelled away, my idea was to use the heart as a pocket on a wedding card for a bride.
I decided to sew the heart onto a piece of subtle, vintage patterned, blue paper,  using a little glue round the edges first to stop it from slipping and leaving a gap at the top of the heart to slip the sixpence in.  I then mat and layered on ivory and gold mirror card, again sewing them once in place  My sewing isn’t the straightest,  but I hope it adds to the charm!
Again,  keeping to the “handmade” look, I decided to handwrite the sentiment in the card using my trusty old fountain pen, using lined paper underneath to keep the lines relatively straight …. it only took me three attempts before I was happy, which isn’t too bad!
Finally,  I added a few very small flat backed pearls to finish the effect …. with the sixpence sliding perfectly into the pocket.  Done and dusted!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My “I Can’t Sleep Bracelet”!

Oh my life, this is what happens when I can’t sleep at night …. or perhaps this is what I get up to when I am actually sleep crafting!!!
beaded wire bracelet  Previously, I had been Googling nothing in particular and stumbled across “wild woman bangles”,  which are very, very me…… and now top of my “objects of desire”
…. and if I was in the USA my name would be firmly down for one of Debora Mauser’s classes
beaded wire bracelet 1Because, be honest now,  I don’t have a clue do I?  What do I know about jewellery making?  Diddly squat, that’s what!!!
Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous! In my head, at 2 o’clock in the morning,  if I used a Primark bangle as a base and wrapped wire and beads around it , it would come out looking like a wild woman bracelet!!!
beaded wire bracelet 2All I can say is …. no more cheese at bedtime for me, and perhaps I should invest in a packet of Nytol!  But,  would I wear it …… yes, probably, I’ll let you know when!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mr and Mrs Wedding Badge Card

This card measures 7ins x 3.5ins and is made using a white linen effect, hand cut card blank
Mr and Mrs Wedding Badge CardHands up, this is not my idea …. I saw something similar while Googling for inspiration and thought I could do my own take on it using my trusty Bandai Badge Maker.
Picture47First,  I had to find a suitable font and decided that I liked this one best
Picture48Sizing the wording up and centring it for the badges was a bit of trial and error but in the end font size 26.5 was perfect for the “Mr” and “Mrs” and size 55 for the “&”.
Mr and Mrs Wedding BadgesThe rest was simple, just a little mat and layering on black card and four faceted, flat backed gems in the corners. Bring on the confetti!

New Home Card

This card measures 11cm x 15cm and is made using a white linen effect,  hand cut blank.
New Home CardHmmmm,  very less is more today.  I have had these laser cut house buttons forever and decided it was about time they were used!
New Home Card 1New Home Card. 2
So I took a few scraps of paper,  making a template for the hill, so that when I want to make a few more repeat cards it will make the process quicker.
Picture6And then ……. saints preserve us, I decided to get out my old sewing machine to do real and not my usual faux stitching round the edges!!
New Home Card 3
Ok ……………. so my stitching is a bit wobbly ….. but then,  I would say it was a deliberate move to add a the simple shabby chic charm wouldn’t I???

Monday, 27 May 2013

Guest Crafter ….. The Equally Lovely Denise

When Tom and the Lovely Laura visited their wedding hotel The Lovely Laura were very taken by the bunting that had been put up in the courtyard for the wedding that was taking place …… and as I had just been given a mountain of Sanderson fabric samples it was a no brainer as to how to use it …….
Shabby chic bunting weddingInitially I gave the Lovely Laura’s mum, the Equally Lovely Denise the fabric to cut out the pennants in preparation for another of our “Wedding Club Crafting Nights”, but as the mess accumulated in her lounge, Denise decided that instead of spreading the mess chez moi,  she might as well bite the bullet and complete the task herself  …… all 300 double sided yards of it …. oh my life!  The Lovely Laura had declared that her mum has finally lost the plot …… but it’s gorgeous and I am secretly very, very pleased because sewing is not really my forte, the very thought of it makes my gums itch! It’s going to look so beautiful and I can’t wait to share all the pictures with all of you when the happy day finally comes!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Guest Crafter–Maisie

The other day I received a vey special “Thank you” card for some bits and pieces I sent Maisie,  who you will remember was the creator of the beautiful embellished pink mirror I featured a couple of weeks ago ….
Picture89And once again I feel I need to up my stakes as a crafter ….. this girl is just too good for my liking!!!
Picture90And I certainly think Gran should turn young Maisie’s writing into a proper font, so I can have a copy!

Memory Box–Madeleine Bird Card

This card measures 4ins x 4ins and is made using an hand cut ivory linen card blank.
Madeleine Bird Card Memory BoxCan I say I love this card?  There is nothing much to it really, I think it is just the colours ….. put together using scraps of paper with patterns that match the dimensions of the bird. To add a little depth I have used self adhesive foam pads behind the birds body and wing.
I’ve used my Stampin Up Bird punch for the branch and a tiny daisy Papermania punch for the flowers, embellished with a few clear flat backed gems and a bit of faux stitching.  Done and dusted!
Memory Box Madeleine Bird, Style No. 98424

Thursday, 23 May 2013

It Comes To Him That Waits ……

Do you remember the retro mirror I spotted in a local charity shop window but baulked at the price tag of £10, back at the beginning of March?
Retro mirrorWell,  I went back all these months later and it was still there, on the floor, in the corner,  under a pile of plates …………… but this time marked down to £5, how often does that happen in a charity shop …..?
Retro mirror. 1Well,  I was at the counter before you could shabby chic!  I don’t have a clue what to do with it …. but I am going to take Marc’s advice and just hang it in situ for a while and see what comes to me …… to be honest, all it really needs is a bit of a rub down and then just needs a couple of coats of spray paint, but a more “on trend” colour and leave it at that ….. why over egg the pudding of a design I just love?

Little Wish Bottles.

I made these little wish bottles for the GCSE Food girls at school.  Every week for the past two years they have been cooking the most delicious food which they asked me to help evaluate …. it was a hard job …. but someone had to do it!!!
little wish bottles
I wanted to give them a little something to say “thank you” and to bring them good luck for their exams in the coming weeks.  The bottles came from The Works and cost 99p for a pack of 6, all I added were a few stars and a tiny piece of paper on which I wrote “wish”

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How Happy Does Maisie Look?

Marc sent Maisie, my guest crafter of a few days ago a mahoooosive collection of flat back gems ……. 100’s and 1,000’s of them!!
Picture1Just look at her little face!
And then bless her, she sorted them all out into colour and sizes, a job that would have sent me absolutely bonkers!!
Picture2I am a great believer of giving children things to create and make things with ….. not just great piles of computer games and dvds and toys that need batteries, they don’t have to be anything expensive …. just a few pens, paper or card, glue, scissors, old magazines and material and interesting bits and pieces.  When my kids were small … when the weather was warm I used to unravel a roll of wallpaper in the garden and give them pots of paints,  not caring less if they covered themselves as well as the paper ….. they were absorbed for hours and hours!
They always had a dressing up box too, but not filled with ready made character outfits, I used to give them a bag of pennies and we would go to the Thursday night jumble sales across the road at the church hall where they would buy the clothes and anything else that caught their imagination ….. Happy days!!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Brides Keepsake…… Jewelled Lucky Horse Shoe/Heart

Please excuse the glue globs on some of the photographs, it was still wet in my eagerness to get this post written.
Jewelled Brides HeartI don’t have a clue what to call this ….. when I had the idea I was thinking about the lucky horse shoes you give to a bride outside the church/registry office …. but heart shaped!  If that makes any sense at all?????
I saw this string of vintage decorative hearts in Home Bargains for £2.99 and knew immediately what I wanted to do with them, and as there were four hearts altogether, it was a no brainer, as you just can’t even buy one wooden heart of such quality from craft establishments for that price!
I decided to use one of the small hearts, which measured approximately 5.5ins x 5ins for this project and then raided my cupboards for a whole variety of embellishments including paper flowers, cabochons that I had been sent from WholePort, fabric and crocheted flowers, plus flat backed gems and flowers and pearls …. you name it, I used it  as my desk proves!
Jewelled Brides Heart 1Like my jewelled mirrors I built  up the design, adding gems to the fabric flowers and filling all the gaps with small pearl beads.
Jewelled Brides Heart 2 HorseshoeI think it is all the fiddle fart, very sticky building up and filling gaps are what makes all the difference when looking at the finished heart. I used a narrow cream ribbon to hold it by, threading it through the existing hole at the top, with the bottom hole being easily covered up by all the embellishments.
Jewelled Brides Heart 3 Horseshoe I now really want to make a couple of horseshoes for summer weddings, which I think could go down a storm at work.  Marc gave me one when I last went to see him ….. now if only I could find it amongst all my bits and pieces …. I can see it in my minds eye, I just cannot remember where I squirrelled it safely away,  DOH!!

Memory Box–Madeleine Bird Die

This card measures 4.75ins x 4.75ins and is made using a hand cut Kraft card blank.
Madeleine Bird Die CardI love birds on cards, they are so versatile for so many themes and decided to treat myself to this Memory Box Madeleine Bird die No. 98424 (£5.99).
Madeleine Bird Die Card 1I’ve kept everything very less is more, using old music paper for the background.  Although it doesn’t show on the photo, I have mounted the birds and their wings on self adhesive foam pads for extra dimension. A bit of faux stitching and a flat gem eye completes the effect.
I can see me using this die over and over again, I want to try it using felt and delicate patterned fabrics when I have got a little more time to fiddle fart …. I am not the best or most patient of sewers, but I am thinking brooches …. ???

Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Painting For My Mum’s 80th Birthday

Rather can give you an almost daily blow by blow account of the painting I've done for my Mum’s 80th birthday,  I thought I would deliver it to you all in a single post as a fait au complet, outlining the stages I went through before the great unveiling !
Large flowery paint picture
Because it was much cheaper I ordered two (one and a spare!) 48” x 36” canvases from which arrived within two days of my ordering them, as did the set of Royal & Langnickel acrylic paints (£5.29) from Amazon
However, when I went into The Works to get a palette,  I saw this Boldmere starter pack of much larger tubes of acrylic paints for just £7.99,  which was far more economical, and I couldn’t  resist, especially as I now had two canvases to paint.
So armed and stocked up  ….. I set to work ….. sketching the design out roughly first …..
Large flowery paint picture.1Large flowery paint picture.2
…. and then gradually filling the design in ….. the above only taking me a couple of very chilled hours while listening to Radio 4 on a Saturday afternoon.
Large flowery paint picture.3And the last three pictures are the final stages which took me another weekend. It’s the detailing that takes the time ….. outlining first in black. then in white Posca pen …. and then painting over again in the places where I thought needed it.
Large flowery paint picture.4The trouble at this stage was finally deciding when it’s finished  …. because I could have fiddle farted forever, adding a line here and a swirl there, but I am happy with it now (very top picture) ….. all I need to do is find a rather large piece of wrapping paper and ribbon big enough to go round it!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mini Canvas and Easel

This mini canvas measures just 7cm x 7cm and came in a pack of 4 from Poundworld.
Mini hand drawn canvas and easel
I used my Whisper Pens first to put down the basic shapes of the flowers, I was worried that the ink might bleed into the canvas, but as you can see it didn’t, however my Stabilo fine liner pen wasn’t too keen on the rough, unyielding material …. but I got there in the end.
Mini hand drawnfloral canvas
….. just a little trinket for my desk at the moment, but I might turn it into a sort of alternative card for someone special when the next birthday comes along.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Framed Word Art

I love some of the “Word Art” that is around at the moment, but it’s a bit pricey ….. and with most things that I see, that I like,  a little voice in my head says …. “I could do that” …………
Framed word art Fiddle fart
So in this case I did!!!  I already have piles of old sheet music rescued from a skip so all I had to do was trim some everso slightly to A4 size.
Then using Publisher I set out the words …. nothing fancy …. using Ariel Black in font size 110 …. and printed it onto the sheet music, then all that was left to do was pop it straight into an A4 certificate frame from Poundworld …… and Bob was my Aunt Fanny …. simples!!!
Picture20From what I have seen, I think that song lyrics are usually printed on music sheets, while other quotes/sayings are printed on pages from old books ..... I am now thinking that pages from old altlas could look good too .....  so I may be found hunting round in some more skips this space!

Like most ideas …. one thing tends to lead to another …. and I wondering  if I could make a set of  notelets along a similar vein ……

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Altered Hand Painted Mirror

You wouldn’t believe how many reincarnations this mirror has had to go through to get to this completed stage, in fact this is the second version, the first one ended up in the bin!
Altered Handpainted MirrorThe mirror is from Ikea – “Malma”  and measures 10ins x 10ins
Picture46Like the very first mirror I altered I used a mixture of Promarkers and Sharpie pens to do the flower doodling, drawing the basic shapes first and then using a black Sharpie for the outlining, finer details and to fill in the gaps.
Altered Handpainted Mirror 1Altered Handpainted Mirror 2
To be honest, at this stage, after a couple of coats of quick drying, gloss varnish the mirror looks pretty OK, but me, being me,  just had to fiddlefart some more …. which is where I went wrong with my first mirror, hence the bin!
Altered Handpainted Mirror 3Altered Handpainted Mirror 4
I really like the effect of adding a white outline, but getting the right pen that stayed put while being varnished was a problem, the first couple of pens I tried dissolved immediately ….. however I found that a white “Pilot Super Colour Permanent Type Ink” held fast …. wooo hooo, but although it is labelled as “extra fine”, I would have really preferred it to be even finer …… but that’s me being very picky!
Altered Handpainted Mirror 5Altered Handpainted Mirror 6
The final stage was to mix a generous sprinkling of iridescent micro fine glitter to the varnish,  which gave the mirror a delicately sparkly fairy type look, which was exactly the effect I wanted, but unfortunately the pictures really don’t pick this up or do justice to it.  The white outlines are also much subtler from a distance, giving the mirror a softer effect not looking half as harsh as they do in these pictures. As you can see compared to the first jewelled mirror I did (behind) the detail is much finer, I have also resisted adding any gems at this stage …. for now I am going to leave it as it is and then perhaps revisit it in a couple of months time ……