Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Top Tip ….. What I’ll Be Mostly Looking Out For In Charity Shops and Car Boot Sales In the Coming Months ……

Keys ……..
Picture 045
Big, small, shiny or dull, condition doesn’t really matter ……. but hopefully for only a few pence … because I’ll be wanting them to make Santa’s Magic Keys for Christmas 2011……..

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes on Saturday, I thought I’d kept it under wraps, but it seems some people have been reading my profile! I had a very lovely day …. and some wonderful presents …. some of which have now found a home on my desk or in other spots in my craft room.
Jo Malone Candle
While I am crafting, I always have a scented candle burning, nothing posh ….. but oh my life …… now I have a Jo Malone candle for my desk, it smells divine ….. and all the posh bags and stuff that went with it made me go very girly …… I don’t do designer stuff, but just this once….  I will make a very gorgeous exception.
Also, while I am “fiddle farting” I’ve often got a bag of Maltesers on the go ……
Maltesers Dish
Well, now I have a beautiful mirrored dish to put them in, so much classier that the bag (or the box)!
I had some lovely craft stuff too. I really want to get into making some special pendants using Memory Frames and Memory Capsules, and now I have no excuse, though you may have to wait a little while to see the finished results, as it’s all a very new medium to me.  I was given some of the pendant trays that I’d asked about on this blog a few weeks ago …plus all the bits to go with them, I was very touched and thrilled.
And finally ….. my knitting has also found a new home in this lovely trugg, (another thing I have a passion for about!). Happy Days!