Monday, 24 November 2014

Tiny Gingerbread Men in A Tiny Jar Christmas Tree Decoration

This was one of those projects I was concerntrationg on so hard I forgot to take any pictures as I was going along …… doh!
It’s a one off for one of the girls in my office who this year has gone mad on gingerbread men for her festive decor ….. and I thought this would be a tiny something for her tree.
The bottle is about 4cm tall (from The Works 99p for 6) into which I have put seven tiny fimo gingerbread men made using the tiny silicone mould I bought a couple of years ago from Etsy and a few tiny hologram stars
Picture 993_thumb[3]I have used a small silver spacer bead cap with a silver screw eyelet on the top for the thread ………
…… and a larger one on the bottom with a flat backed gem in the middle, using E6000 glue to stick them on with.
A red gingham ribbon tied round the top finishes the whole effect.