Monday, 6 November 2017

Save The Date Wedding Cards

As I have said, of late I have not been doing a great deal crafting due of other commitments, particularly at weekends, and it has to be said that this looks set to continue until the New Year at least, however, there has been one exception as my nephew and his fiancée have asked if I would make their Save The Date Cards for their wedding in September 2018.
I have to admit to being a little nervous about doing this as I know their standards and expectations will be high, however when Amanda sent me this picture (above – click for link) of what she had in mind, I relaxed just a touch as the basic idea appeared to be relatively simple and that I could leave them to source, create and then add the sticker pictures themselves when the cards had been made.
I went on the site and found that templates for 2017, 2018 and 2019 are all available -, however, knowing Joe and Amanda I wanted to be able to offer the option of being able to make whatever changes to the original design they may have in mind to suit their own wedding theme, be it the card size, wording, font, font colour etc. so I made my own template based on the original idea using my ancient but precious edition of Publisher 2003.
I was chuffed when I was able to download a free font that was as near to the original as I could muster from
There was then a lot of fiddle farting on my part in an effort to get everything evenly spaced and centred especially on the calendar section, but I reckon after about two hours I had come up with something I could quite easily alter to suit Joe and Amanda.
I then printed and cut the two sections out putting them together in a variety of different ways ……….
…….. I couldn’t help  a few mat and layering ideas on grey, navy and gold mirror on the Save Our Date section and as a backing to the whole card, which should fit a 7” x 5” envelope, but you will notice, NO faux stitching!!!
I  also varied the text colour and thickness of the text boxes and hearts, on a choice of white or ivory linen effect card, although, in the end, I think they will go, more or less with the idea they first sent me ……
Amanda had mentioned rose gold coloured paperclips, which I did purchase to try, but I have to admit I am not too sure about the colour against the ivory card, however before I can do anything else I need to wait for Amanda and Joe to come back to me, as far I know at the moment it’s between two of the above. Once I have had the say so, I will then make up the shortlisted ideas again but much more “professionally” and then perhaps do a little more research on other paperclip colours and designs available …… I have seen some arrows that could look good and I am thinking that metallic turquoise could also look stylish, but I need to be mindful of keeping costs down!  Anyway, as soon I as I have reached the next stage of approval and then production I will be sure to let you know.