Saturday, 27 December 2014

Last Minute Christmas Packaging Idea

Well, I had finished making all my “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” bottle to give a small keepsake presents and was ready to parcel them up, but the problem was I didn’t have a clue how to. I had considered buying some Poundland crackers, just for the cracker packaging, but then I got “tight”,  why spend more money on stuff that would only be thrown away ….. especially when I had a room of paper and stuff, that owe me nothing?
It took me a couple of attempts, I know crackers was the obvious way to go, but me and crackers just don’t get on craft wise, past attempts always looked misshaped and uneven  …….
But this is what I eventually came up with, using some ancient lunch money envelopes.  I simple covered the front and back with small print scraps of 8” x 8” Christmas papers and then added a Craftwork Cards sentiment layered on plain and scalloped circles. Voila!  It didn’t really matter where I put the sentiment, front or back, but I think in the end I preferred it on the back, slightly overlapping the flap with a touch of faux stitching.