Friday, 12 October 2018

Heads Up Christmas Shopping

I was thinking “snowballs” to go in a few of the mini mason jars I showed you last week as table favours …….. but the Cadbury snowballs I had thought about proved to be a little expensive at 99p per bag, not making it that cheap an exercise …….. so I went delving a little further along the Home Bargain shelves ……..
cadbury fooballs
…… and found these Cadbury footballs for 39p per bag, the same weight as the snowballs but these don’t have a dusty sugary coating …… but who’s going to know? Well, with a saving of 50p per bag it would have been rude not to make a considered purchase. My jars should now come in at just 79p each plus a couple of pence for a tag and attached snowflake.
mini mason jar glasses Home Bargains
Just to be on the safe side I did check the sell by date on the bags  but that’s not until April 2019, I am well chuffed!