Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Love/Hate Silhouette Relationship And Cheese Wedge Favour Boxes!

Agghhh ….. as you know I have recently taken my much neglected, under used Silhouette machine out from the back of the cupboard to make wedding favour bags/boxes for Tom and Laura’s “Wedding of the Year”!
Lured by how easy I found the cutting after such a long time, sparked off lots ideas for other projects in my head,  so much so that as Silhouette Online was having a “sale”  where all the shapes were just 33p each,  I splurged and downloaded about 40 new box designs,  as making boxes/bags was what I originally bought my Silhouette for.  I used to have a subscription several years ago, but found,  after several months, that I was just downloading shapes for downloading sake and my choices were not really that considered.
While I was at it,  I also downloaded the latest Silhouette Studio Software …. and that’s  where I started to get confused.  I know I am not the most technical of people …. but the original programme that came with my Silhouette all those years ago was very simple and basic (like my good self)  and I could understand and use it.  However,  with designs getting more complex the software seems to have gone the same way too …….  offering the option of Print and Cut (among others)….. a very wonderful option, but I have only used it once (several years ago) for an order I agreed to  do ….. it took me two solid days to sort out and I vowed never to do it again!  
So,  when I tried to “just” cut some plain triangle boxes to make “cheese wedges” to put Tom and Laura’s crocheted wedding favour mice in …. I found myself completely flummoxed by “Registration Marks,  which are to do with Print and Cut process.  I found that I couldn’t cut anything without going through a whole rigmarole of options, but at the back of my mind  I knew I had probably checked a box that had caused this to happen …. I just couldn’t find/remember which one,  so after several hours of frustration …. I gave up, knowing that it was going to be something simple …. and then all of a sudden it dawned on me …… I needed to uncheck the “Show Reg Marks box” …..
…… which was making the programme think I wanted to Print and Cut ….. doh!! But it’s all sorted now and I can cut away like there’s no tomorrow …. as you can see from the pictures in this post …….
However, it’s ironic that after all that fiddle-farting when I’ve totally dismissed the Print and Cut option I’ve only gone and drawn my own “holey cheese” ….. what am I like?