Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Wish Bottle Tree Decoration.

Wish Bottle
This bottle came from a child’s bead/jewellery making set of 12 bottles all filled with beads for 99p.  I’d tried looking for similar empty bottles on e-bay but the prices were stupid, so I’ve emptied the beads into a big pot for another project, and just used the bottles.
Wish Bottle Tree Decoration
The bottle is approximately 4cms tall (not including the stopper).  I’ve put a piece of paper into it with “wish” written on both sides and then added a few punched silver snowflakes.  On the outside I have stuck some small silver glittery self adhesive snowflakes (Anita’s I think). Finally I’ve put an eye with a screw end (not sure what they are really called) into the cork, all it needs now is a thread to hang it on a Christmas tree branch.