Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

new year[4]
Oh my life where did 2013 go? ….. and now here we are at the very beginning of 2014, another year spread out in front of us, and I never thought I would still be here .... again, still blogging  ….. and for that, you and I have Marc to thank ……. 3 cheers for Marc …. hip, hip ……hooray!!!
MarcSo ….. what does 2014 have in store  …… a couple of things are already planned, like lots and lots of London Lounging and the swigging of mahoooosive vodka and cokes with Marc!
Then a trip to Iceland in April with the A Level Geography girls at work, when I will finally get to swim in the Blue Lagoon ….. something I have dreamed about doing for as long as I can remember. I know I am going to see so many wonderful and amazing sights that will just take my breath away.
 icelandThen there are other things on my list like ………
Surprise, surprise ….. losing a bit of weight ……  like half a ton!!  Marc has been on the 5:2 Diet with AMAZING results ...... so it would be rude to not follow in his footsteps!
Then there's the bottom of my garden ....which hopefully by Easter will be my special peaceful oasis and oft-time party area!!!!! 
Bottom of my gardenBottom of my garden.I …… at the end of the summer I decided that I just couldn’t do it on my own and so I now have a lovely gentleman and his wife who over the coming months are sorting it all out for me, very slowly, bit by bit, ….. nothing fancy …
FiddleFarts GardenThe bottom of my garden
……. but in the end I hope it will be a very different area, with a place for a table and chairs, a barbeque, and a duck egg blue shed, fitted inside with a bit of carpet, an old arm chair and my faithful radio ……. and flower beds that I can keep in control and a few quirky ornamental  bits and pieces.
Lucy and I both fancy a proper beach holiday in the summer, perhaps Greece. It seems such a long time since we last saw and smelt the sea, let alone swam in it, I am pining!
On the really ambitious side I wouldn’t mind having a go at demo-ing, goodness knows what, but I think my confidence is high enough to give it a bash ….. so I am open to all offers!!!!!!
As for blogging …. well, let’s just see how it goes, a post every other day seems manageable at the moment ….. it is hard work, especially as I write two!!! But I am so grateful that I seem to have got my old mojo back and now get cross and frustrated especially when I can’t craft fast enough because ideas keep flooding into my brain……
It’s a year, I hope, we can all continue to share ….. all FiddleFarting together.
new year[4]
HERE’S TO 2014 … BRING IT ON!!!!