Friday, 20 November 2009

Simple Snowflakes

This card is still in the experimental stage, it still needs a bit of tweaking, and it will probably be  next Christmas before it gets made properly.  I have all my cards made for this year but it's always nice to have a few ideas spare.
Picture 213
I think the blue printing, is too strong, it needs to be softer and paler. You will probably have noticed already that one of the flat backed gems is well off centre.  That’s what you get for “posing” your card while the glue is still wet!
Picture 216
I like the effect of the pale blue stars against the white background. When I first used the stars, I just sprinkled them willy nilly onto the card, the effect was lovely and natural, so I will probably try it again, leaving the stars where they fall and carefully lifting them one at a time to glue them into position, fiddle fart in other words!