Monday, 17 September 2012

What’s Caught My Eye In The Shops

Well…..  the Poundshops of Wolverhampton are now bulging with Halloween stuff: a lot I have seen before but these packs of six “Mini Horror Pots” caught my eye, working out at about 18p each.  All they need are a few pumpkin or ghost chocolates popped inside …. or some green and red  jelly beans …. (snot and blood capsules …. sorry!!)
Poundworld Mini Horror Pots They also had packs of matching Frankenstein and skeleton head pots which I think I will have to go back for … I will kick myself if they’ve all gone as I didn’t keep to my usual Poundshop rule of buying when I see something I like and can use  …. because as I have found in the past, when they’re gone, they are usually gone! I shall be keeping my eyes peeled over the next few weeks  …. while my creative mojo is still flagging at least I can bring you the odd shopping report instead.