Thursday, 9 August 2012

40th Birthday Card For A Vicar

I have a lovely old gentleman who asks me to make him a “Special” card every now and again, and they are always a challenge!!
40th Birthday Card for a vicar
The only brief I had was Father Joe, 40 and Team Vicar, but knowing my gentleman has a good sense of humour I decided to throw caution to the wind and go with what came into my mind first …….. and then “pray” that I got tone right”G'day Card
I use Publisher to put the card design together, I have a basic template, but depending on the wording and theme it tends to change with each card. I try to get the wording right first and then it’s positioning, followed by finding suitable free images which in this case it wasn’t that easy!
Priests Birthday Card
Then comes more fiddle-farting to get the images to fit ….. a card like this can take up to two hours to get it just right …. before any cutting and sticking gets done. Once I am happy with the whole thing I save it all as a JPEG and then insert it in size a little smaller that A5 onto an A4 sheet (Landscape), then copy, paste and crop parts from it to make the simple decoupage layers (I hope that makes sense) until it looks like the sheet above.
Priests Birthday cardNow I ready to put the card together, making an A5 card blank, mat and layering the front on silver then cutting out the decoupage layers, which I stick down with adhesive foam pads.
Simple decoupage layers
Nothing too fancy …. I
Newspaper Card The Birthday Times
Finally a few stars, micro glitter and the odd splodge of Ranger Glossy Accents add the final touches  in texture and extra dimension.
Vicars Birthday Card I just hope I am not struck down for it!!!