Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First Day Back At Work Fairings.

As you know I always like to make something very tiny weeny to give to my friends and colleagues on the first day of term to make the return a little more bearable!!!!!! I usually use sweets that don’t cost that too much, especially as I have over forty or so to make!
Kinder Chocolate. First Day Back at work fairings.So this term I decided to use mini Kinder bars, which I found in Poundland in packs of 8 (but I was very diligent as I also spotted packs of 6 beside them…. not so much of a bargain!)
Kinder Chocolate First Day Back At Work FairingsI cut 3ins x 3ins squares of patterned paper and rolled the bars up in them, securing with double sided tape and then simply decorated with one of an assortment of wooden embellishments that I’ve had forever and that needed using up, followed by writing “Happy Days!” on each one!  Voila!