Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Bit of Fun, A Bit About Me And A Bit About How I Blog ....

Writing up a post can either be a quick affair when it obvious what I have done or take ages when the devil is in the detail!.  
Duchess of Fiddle Fart 1
First I copy all the photos from my camera onto the computer, select the best, edit and crop them and finally name them (which makes them more easily accessible on a Google search etc.and help bring new people to the blog) .  I do all this using Microsoft Picture Manager.
Although I could write my posts directly into BLOGGER I don’t find it at all user friendly so I prefer use Window’s Live Writer http://explore.live.com/windows-live-writer?os=other
I am sorry but I cannot answer any technical questions about Live Writer and don’t pretend to understand it … but I’ve just learnt to use it through trial and error and I know it works for me.  I can position text and pictures far more easier than in Blogger. When I have finished editing a post  I just press the send button and it somehow miraculously appears in the drafts section of my blog, all I then need to do is schedule it! Live Writer also backs up all posts so if Blogger went down (and it sure has been playing up lately)  or I decide to change my blog provider I have all my posts saved.
Duchess of Fiddle Fart 3
The things that take time when writing a post are all the details, the size of a card, the name, maker, code, price of a paper/embellishment/material used, where a product came from, putting in links, etc etc. I try my best to include everything because  as sure as eggs is eggs someone will ask about the one thing I haven’t put in.
Duchess of Fiddle Fart 2
My sister is my proof reader, once a post is published she will text to tell me of any spelling mistakes/errors I have made.  I’m glad she does, because nothing annoys me more than seeing mistakes on other peoples blogs … it just looks shonky!
You may have noticed that on a lot of these pictures I have black smudges on my face and my make up looks decidedly dodgy ….. the truth is that I laughed so much while we were taking them, via a webcam, I couldn’t stop crying with laughter and was having serious trouble breathing, as a result my make up ran everywhere! It a miracle that any of these pictures actually catch me in vaguely serious light, oh my life!  You should see the ones I deleted.