Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What’s In The Shops For The Festive Season.

Not really a crafty day today … it’s just that the shops are beginning to get their Christmas sweeties in and if you haven’t seen them yet I thought I would  give you a heads up ….
andys nokia 290
Now ….. who could resist these tiny Lindt chocolate teddies?  I found them in my local SPAR priced at 50p each (they measure about 5cm) and before I knew it this lot decided to come home with me. 
andys nokia 288
…… Then I remembered this string of stockings I bought years ago and decided I didn’t really like ….
Lindt Chocolate Bear
Well,  I’ve now  shoved a bit of stuffing in the bottom and a teddy on top ….. sorted ….. a little fairing gift to give instead of a card!
Areo Christmas Tree
Also in the shops,  found by my lovely sister Jan ........ caramel filled Galaxy parcels and cuter than cute ….. Aero Christmas trees ……festivechoctastical!!