Friday, 20 February 2015

A New Source For Pretzel Bags

A while ago I think I mentioned that I couldn’t find my usual source of pretzel bags on eBay, the ones I used for Elizabeth Shaw mints ……
…….. Well, I have now found a brilliant eBay shop, thanks to one of my lovely, lovely followers, so really, I cannot take any credit for the finding …. however, I have lost the original e-mail which included the link, so I cannot thank that person by name in this post ….. but THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of myself and others who might use the link.
I ordered packs of 50 2” x 8” (£1.85)  and 2”x 7” (£1.80) with free P & P.  They are excellent quality, arrived within days and are perfect for what I need them for! 
The cello bags come in 17 sizes, so well worth a look.  I could now do with ordering some 3” x 4” bags which are a brilliant size for packaging wish bracelets etc. or 
This is just a personal “heads up”, I have had no communication with Yolli other than my order, I just liked what I found!!!