Monday, 1 July 2019

Christmas Tree Shadow Box

With no urgency as regards to time I have been making minimum bids on various Christmas Tree brooches from China.  If the bidding goes up I just leave it and don't bid any higher as I know there will always another one to go for.

The tree used in this idea cost me just 79p and no P & P!!!!  How do they do it?

The 10cms x 10cms box frame came from Hobbycraft when they were on offer for half price at £2 (I  doubt I would ever have paid £4 for one).

I just made a simple background using a glittery, embossed snowflake design paper to which I added a few tiny clear flat backed gems to give a bit of  Christmas extra bling.

I removed the fastening from the brooch and then stuck the tree on to the paper using E600 so I could be sure that it wouldn't come loose.
I then added faux stitching with a black fine liner pen to the mount.  I wanted to repeat this round the edges of the frame but for some reason permenant marker pen just didn't adhere to the finish,  I wonder why?

I seem to be a little obsessed at the moment by sticking snowflakes to all the frames (and sometimes the glass) I am using,  but again, as it's for Christmas I think it works ...... but, if I change my mind I used PVA glue in the first instance as they can be removed carefully without (touch wood) damaging the finish on the frame.