Monday, 15 April 2019

Marc's Shelves

I think one of the first things I do when I arrive at Marc's London flat .... after my first coffee, is get up and have a good mooch on his shelves.
He always says that I've seen it all before, but I know he's had another arrange or two since my last visit so there's always a little something I may have missed or something new has been added.

He's just so brilliant at putting things together,  grouping old and new bits together and putting something tres tres expensive next to a treasure from Poundland
It's something I aspire to and I think I am getting there, if slowly...........
........ but Marc will always be the master.  
I know am terrible for mooching on other peoples shelves but I guess you have to know who is happy for you to do it and those who don't like it, perhaps thinking that you are really checking up to see if they have dusted!!!
I think Marc's kitchen window shelves are my favourite, illuminated with blue fairy lights and encompassing a proper diverse eclectic mix. 

Very expensive designer cactus lights and vases sit next to Poundland ones, a tiny man out walking his dog stands next to a bejewelled elephant.  I thought I had got them in shot, but somewhere amongst all the treasures are the three giraffes we bought in Poundland (shown yesterday), they looked like they "belonged" and had been there forever.  I am sure Marc will mooch similarly at mine when he comes down, and no doubt we will hit the charity shops of Evesham in an effort to find for other "prize" bits and pieces with which to proliferate our shelves even more.

I Love You Shadow Box Frame

As I may have mentioned before I have a special expression for both Iris and Bertie when I tell them I love them, especially when saying goodbye. For Bertie, it’s “I love you a big much bit” which he finds hilarious and puts his thumb and forefinger together to indicate a tiny weeny bit, which is sooooooo cute and usually accompanied by snuggles.
I put the sentiment on a Christmas tree decoration for him last year but decided to make him something for his third birthday (where has the time gone???) for his bedroom, so he’ll always be reminded of our little nonsense and how much I love him.
I found these packs of ruler embellishments on EBay (3 pks of 6 rulers for just 99p plus £1.59 P & P – working out at 86p per pack) well, it was a no brainer, especially because as soon as I saw them I had a nugget of an idea.
Finding a suitable font for the sentiment wasn’t hard, but the font size and placement wasn’t so easy. I started off big and gradually got  smaller to get it to fit centrally in the frame mount with enough room to add the rulers in a roughly symmetrical design.
After several attempts I was finally happy and the rulers glued into position.
It needed something else, but I wanted to keep it clean looking if you know what I mean.  I knew I didn’t want to add colour and then  I remembered the tiny silver nail art hearts I had from Poundland (assorted pack wheel £1) ages ago.
They were perfect, just a few black dots here and there bought it all together.  I am so chuffed with it and it looks even better in real life, it I am allowed to say that.