Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bargain Charity Shop Find

I saw this Ikea dolls cot in a charity shop window in town a few weeks ago, but at the time I was heavily laden with shopping and there was no way I could get the shopping and bed back home on the bus …… so I left it.
011On subsequent passings it was still there, despite the silly £4 price tag, but then I started erming and ahhhing, thinking that it might be a little while yet (at least eighteen months) before Iris would start playing with it …..
But yesterday….. it was still there ….. I really was meant to have it and at an aforementioned £4 what was I thinking about???
The temptation to fiddle-fart it is there, but as it’s in such good condition I think I will just pass it on to Great Granddad Colin to see if he could sand it down and give it a coat of varnish just to freshen it up ….. and then perhaps if Granny Denise sees this she might, just might, crochet a blanket or two…. and I with my limited sewing ability could make a couple of sheets and a pillow.