Thursday, 13 June 2013

Marc’s Wedding Party Bags

Marc asked if I could help him out with a few wedding “party bags” using the Kraft paper lunch bags from Home Bargains (99p for 10) that I had sent him a while ago.  He said that the main colours he had used on the invitations and other wedding bits and pieces were primarily “Cadbury”  purple, silver mirror and kraft card, but he said …. really the world was my lobster, I could go any which way I liked  ….. he trusted me!!!!  Oh Marc!!!
wedding party bags
I loved Marc’s colour combination, and it was indeed very fortuitous that I also knew that The Lovely Laura had yards of “Cadbury”purple ribbon left over from making all her wedding flowers …. so tying and positioning the bow was the first step of putting the bags together.
wedding party bags 1
The panel came next  ….. using lots of layers!  I used the 4 1/8 die from my Nestabilities Eyelets Square set (S4-305) as the base, after finding as near perfect a match of purple card to the ribbon as I could. I layered the two purple squares on silver mirror card and then came the hardest bit ….. trying to centre and balance my “fiddlefart” writing in the centre square,  free hand!! It took four attempts before I was happy, but now it’s done,  it will be easy for me to follow it by eye for the rest of the bags.
wedding party bags 2[3]
And then ..... when all twenty bags are done,  I will have the perfect excuse to deliver them to Marc, in person, for a spot of London Lounging and a few very cheeky pints of vodka and coke!!!!!