Monday, 6 May 2019

OMG ….. NO Excuses - My Sock Zebra

This post combines a recent Charity Shop Tut acquisition and my complete lack of any recognisable sewing skills ……  it also gives you all a good laugh for a Monday morning.
What can I say?  What on earth possessed me to buy anything remotely related to  “an art” that instantly gives me itchy gums?  I think because it was only 50p and as the little ones were coming over perhaps helping Nanny sew might be be an “interesting” diversion!
Well, I saw the task out right to the bitter end, yes my gums itched and yes I hated every single moment but from my labours Zebra was born, with Iris insisting he slept with her that night and me telling her to be gentle with him as I didn’t think he would stand up to much handling.  Needless to say, he appeared at breakfast minus one eye and both nostrils.
I will leave you to compare and contrast just how successful I was in replicating said zebra pictured on the box!