Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Christmas Is Coming With Random Ramblings!

My apologies, this post goes on and on and on …….
I have decided to start my Christmas posts from 9th September – if you’re like me, you’re looking for your ideas NOW.  I have put a few things together already ……but I am a bit worried  that I used up a lot of my ideas last year …. fingers crossed for divine inspiration!
……. Not a lot! I have just had a really good sort out of my craftroom and I really do have too much stuff. 
Picture 054 Picture 057
So I am going to try to “do” Christmas by only buying what I really, really need (famous last words!) It’s going to be tough and there will be temptation …. but I will be strong!  I will allow myself a once a week splurge in Poundland/Poundshop when they start putting their Christmas stuff on the shelves, but I will tell myself that I only need 5 packets of “must have” 3D Christmas stickers instead of 10, and I am praying that Accessorize Christmas stickers will be pants this year, as they could be my undoing!
Picture 001
But ….. I have done a little shopping in the last week or so.  This stencil was a bit of a disappointment, (£3.99), it said on the bumpf that it could be used with most die cutting machines, well I tried it in my BigShot and Sizzix Boutique embosser (with extra layers)  but the effect is very flat and hardly visible, BUM! I thought it would look brilliant with assorted coloured gems in the centre of each snowflake …… I have since learnt that I need an "Impression Mat" to use this stencil properly ...... DOH! If you pop over to Lisa's blog,     she has used it properly and brilliantly, unlike my own good self!

 Crocodile Stickers
These small fabric type stickers were 99p, so cute – I feel a “Snappy" birthday card coming on!
Picture 052
These jewelled stickers were also 99p a pack. I thought I might try to doodle bodies that will fit onto the smiley faces …… not sure how that will go!

Picture 056
I have finally got all my ……. (pardon the expression) fairy balls up!  How beautiful are they? I got them from a gift shop in Chester earlier on in the year and had just left them in the box, stroking them occasionally, but with my tidy up, they are now in place, I just love them.
Picture 044
I got these for 49p a packet from HobbyCrafts Christmas sale a couple of years ago, but they are only a real bargain if you know what to do with them.  I think they are great, but don’t have a clue how to use them, other than sewing them on a “festive waistcoat” for Monkey and Darrell.  Any ideas?
Talking of Monkey and Darrell ………
Picture 531
If you are thinking about getting someone a Monkey for Christmas there are always a couple on e-bay.  I have just “won” two for 99p and 89p plus P&P – BARGAINTASTIC!  You need to look for one that measures 16/17ins.  Newborn or 3-6 months baby clothes fit them perfectly or charity shops have brilliant finds.  Primark baby shoes are great too.
But remember a monkey is for life not just Christmas!!!