Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My New Years Resolution

I have decided to join my friend Lisa’s Stampin-Up Virtual Hostess Club .  I have so much stuff that I really need to rein in my spending, especially as I am not taking on any more  personalised card orders. But, I will still need stash fix!  So I am committing myself to £20.00 for 8 months.
I will be interested to see what I come up with as there is a very definite Stampin Up style, judging from the blogs I have visited, which really isn’t my style ….. so watch this space.
If you are interested in  joining Lisa’s club too, just click on either of the links and just mention my blog.  As far as I know she is the only demonstrator in Wolverhampton and hopefully will be running workshops in the area in the coming months, which I am really looking forward to attending.

Desert Island Crafts – Part 5

scoring boards
This picture may look very boring, but it features my scoring boards, without them i would be so lost. 
The white one is by Coppernob, I use it everyday for scoring all my cards, I think you can do all sorts of fancy things with it, but so far that is beyond me.
The wooden board is what I use for making boxes, I got it from E-bay. You do your lids using one side and bottoms with the other. When I am making a box I have to experiment a bit to get the right size for what I need it for, I make a template first, which I label and keep and then make however many boxes I need based on that template.