Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cards Using 3D Stickers.

Little Girl with Christmas Tree Christmas Card
I have see these 3D embellishments in crafts shops and I think they were priced at about £1.99 for 4, so imagine my excitement when I found them on Penkridge Market for £2.25 for 8, which works out at 28p instead of 49p each.
Picture 729
The designs are quite sweet and a little bit different from what I usually use on my Christmas cards – I don’t think I’ve ever used cutesy children before!
Boy Sledging Christmas Card
I’ve used scraps of paper for the backgrounds but  can’t remember the name of them.  Though I think that the burgundy and white is a Papermania Christmas paper.
Little Girl Skating Christmas Card
What I like about the stickers is that they are already embellished with small gems etc. which it what I would usually do, so it’s saved me a lot of fiddle fart.
Snowballing Boy Christmas Card
I wish I could do cards like other bloggers with lots of fancy cut layers, borders and all the fiddly twiddly bits, but I wouldn’t know where to start …..
Skating Girl Christmas Card
……. However I might just set myself a challenge of studying someone else’s template and having a go. Watch this space ….
Girl with Snowball Card