Friday, 22 December 2017

Blast From The Past - First Footing - New Years Eve Crafty Gifts

I am still thinking about New Years Eve and First Footing, and have had another one of my ideas, but what the heck .....
First Footing 1
It’s traditional for a first footer to carry a lump of coal ……... well I have substituted coal for liquorice! But you could easily swop liqourice for coconut macaroons or nutty cluster!
First Footing 2
I got the footprint stickers from the US ages ago, I must have had about 20 packets but I have used them on so many projects, I shall be looking to order some more in the New Year as I only have a few left, I just hope I can find them again.  I think they are from Stickapotomus.
First Footing 3
I thought using the white/silver glitter card on the topper would represent a good frosty New Years Eve path!