Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Such Exciting News …….

I have been keeping a really big secret for such a long time, but couldn’t say a dickie bird until a certain envelope had officially plopped onto my sister Jan’s door mat!!!!
………. We’re only off to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace !!!! The invite has come about through Jan’s work with the British Olympic Association last year ….. and my goodness what a year she’s had;  helping to kit Team GB out before The Games, followed by working at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer, then meeting Prince Charles and Camilla at Clarence House, and David Cameron at 10 Downing Street,  when we thought it was all over and now this …… (Although, you will remember I had my own Olympic moment too when I met chased after Alistair Campbell shamelessly at the Olympic Park!)……… Anyway, I am thrilled to have been invited as Jan’s guest and am sooooooooooooooo excited …. I think I might burst!
We have a lot of bumf to read through ….. but unfortunately,  as you can see, it clearly states that cameras cannot be taken in …. and as a blogger that’s like having my arm chopped off, however,  I cannot risk been flung into the Tower of London and I am sure there will be lots of other photo opportunities outside the Palace and while we are in London that will help fill a post when the time comes to write about our adventures.We have both had our outfits for a few weeks now  ….. although I need to get some strappy shoes and a handbag (big enough for a very small monkey!!!!)
……. It will be a day when I know we will both drink in every single second,  because days like this don’t come along very often ….. and I appreciate just how honoured I am to be part of it.