Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Erm ……. Naff Holiday Bag!

They say it’s good to get out of your comfort zone craft wise now and again …………….. it can now be said that I have been well and truly out of mine …… I’ve made, what can only be described  loosely as a tote beach bag …… oh my life ….
Picture 035
It all started with an idea on http://dollarstorecrafts.com/  for making bags from tea towels, shortly followed by a shopping trip with Lisa http://craftfairy.blogspot.com/ – I was rabbiting on about the idea and when we were in Poundland I bought a table cover with the idea of adapting it for the tea towel idea.
Picture 029 Picture 034
Needless to say the table cover has been in my cupboard ever since ….. until last weekend, when the sun was shining and my thoughts drifted to the summer …….
Picture 036
I couldn’t find the link on Dollar Store Crafts, so I just carried on regardless, cutting the table cover in half  …… I think I should have done something called boxing at the bottom of the bag (?), but couldn’t remember how to do it ……… so I stuck buttons in the middle of the flowers instead!
Well, I tried and I will use it – but next time I think I will just buy a beach bag from Primark!!!!
The purple handles came from a length of strapping I got from Penkridge market – lovely colour.