Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Object Of Desire

…… it’s been ages since I have done an “Object of Desire” post, however, I have “sort of” been taking an interest in furniture of late, working out what my style is, and I guess, if I could,  I would like  to embrace my inner bohemian ……!!!
4(751)…… and be very, very bold!!!
IMG_1967So, when I saw this dressing table in the window of the Sue Ryder shop in Evesham it was love at first sight!!!
IMG_1969It was in a bit of a state …… and I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea ….. but it’s everything I have ever dreamed of in a dressing table!!
IMG_1968I just love the little cupboards and drawers on either side of the mirror …… but at £245 it was not exactly a bargain …..
IMG_1970Oh well, I have set the bar high for myself and I first, I really need a house to put it in …… and then, would I be brave enough to paint it fuchsia pink or turquoise ?????? I hope I would ……. but It’s good to dream anyway!!!