Thursday, 6 April 2017

Halloween Lolly Pop Stick Spider Fridge Magnet – Incy Wincy Spider

This is not my original idea, I found it and then pinned it on my Inspiration Board on Pinterest ….. and then made a few minor alterations.
b Popsickle Stick Halloween SpiderI have never used lolly pop sticks in my crafting before, but they kept cropping up during my Pinterest browsing, something I always do in bed for about half an hour before turning off the light …. so finally I decided to get me a few packs to play with, and this spider was the first thing I decided to make.
Popsickle Stick SpiderPopsickle Stick Halloween Spider wwww
I coloured the sticks using a black Sharpie pen.  Positioning the sticks to get an evenly spaced, convincing spider leg combo was a bit tricky, but in the end I got there, securing them with a “tacky” PVA glue.
Pop 3mmmI can’t believe that I didn’t have any black card to use for the spiders body, but this corrugated card turned out to be a much better substitute, because it added some texture.  I punched it with a large, scallop edged circle punch and then again coloured it with a black Sharpie.
Pop 3 trMore dollops of glue ensued, plus two pieces of self adhesive magnet strip.
Popsicle Stick Halloween Spider 3The final touch was the googly eyes, it was tempting to add a couple of fangs too, but I resisted.
Popsickle Stick Halloween Spider 5Although originally with Halloween in mind ….. I think Mr Spider can go on my fridge and be Incy Wincy Spider for now.