Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Mini Frames And A Plan For My Next Set Of Advent Calendar Drawers

Some considered purchases today, both ordered from China from eBay.  Sometimes, when ordering from China  you have to be prepared to wait quite a while for your order to arrive, but both orders arrived surprisingly quickly within two weeks.
mini plastic frames
Both orders were also made with my next set of Advent drawers in mind, frames to either house a picture or numbers.  Twenty white resin (feels more like plastic to me) frames measure 5 x 3.3 cm / 1.97 x 1.3 inch cost me £ 4.06 (£2.03 for 10) with free P & P and took 2 weeks to arrive, when I was expecting them to arrive at the beginning of February.
The small wooden square frames measure 30mm and cost just £1.93 for a pack of 30 – I bought three packs so I knew I would have enough for three calendars at least. The frame sides are a little thicker than I would have liked, but they will still be fine for putting the wooden Hobbycraft advent numbers  I found for half price  (50p a box), several weeks before Christmas.
The next calendar I have in mind is going to be (hopefully)  bright and light, with white being the outlining colour, with more of a children's theme going on.  One of my lovely followers, Paula, sent me some stickers just before Christmas which became the start of the idea and then Marc, bless him, also bought me a couple of very similar packs from Flying Tiger in Worcester, which are a perfect match for Paula’s.
I also plan to marry the stickers with designs from the contemporary Christmas paper pads I found in The Works, on a buy one, get one free offer, working out at £1 a pad.  The patterns are in perfect proportion to the stickers and will, I think compliment them.
Well, that’s the theory any way  …… I just need to get cracking …… so Tuesday Advent Drawers should be up and running, I hope, by next week, fingers crossed.