Saturday, 1 May 2010

Newspaper Card Queries

  guinness card
I have had a couple of questions about making my newspaper cards, I will do my best to answer them:-
“The Birthday Times” is in Old English MT, size 52  “Exclusive” is in Arial Black – size 48 and the date is Times New  Roman – size 22, I usually do all the other text in Arial Black but the size varies to suit the pictures and/or embellishments.
I always do the “Exclusive” as a simple decoupage layer so that it stands out.
Once you have the top right you are most of the way there, as that part tends to stay pretty much the same.
I design each card on A4 Portrait in Publisher and when I am happy with it, save a copy as a jpeg.  I then open a new page in Publisher in Landscape and insert the jpeg of the design, sizing it to approximately half the page (A5)
I then copy and paste the design several times, cropping the parts I want to make into  simple decoupage layers, until I get a printed sheet as below.
I mat and layer the main design on silver and mount it on an A5 sized card (I cut my all own cards)  adding the layers and other embellishments like stars, glitter or Anita’s 3D gloss finish.
This may seem a little long winded but it works for me.

Butterfly Birthday Card

I think this style/design of card has been done many, many times before, but I thought I would have a go too.BUTTERFLY CARD 2
It’s made using the Martha Stewart punch I got at the NEC in March.
The papers come from a double sided mini stack which meant that all the patterns were in proportion to the punch and all the colours matched already – which saved me a lot of time.
Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch 2
I’ve added two small matching Anita’s gems to the middle of each butterfly for extra sparkle.
martha stewart Butterfly Punch Picture 036
Simple, quick and very effective.