Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Charity Shop Bargains - Two Sunburst Mirrors

Well, would you believe it,  ...... just as I'd thought I'd put the finishing touches to my re-vamped, re-vamped guest bedroom ....... I walk into my very favourite charity shop, where the prices are always just right ....... and spy these two beauties .......... talk about right place, right time!
I am not ashamed to say I pounced, as best an overweight panther can   ...... realising that they could/would be perfect on the newly painted wall behind the bed ..............
......... and at £1 each, well, it would have looked rude not to have made a considered purchase.  I also  quickly realised that if they didn't look how I imagined chez Towers, they would certainly find a home somewhere in Marc and Rick's Worcester garden. 
The mirrors have no age, I don't recognise the label on the back, but they originally cost £5 each.  
There are amber coloured beads at the end of each of the small "rays" with leaves on the longer ones.  Some of the leaves had been bent (now straightened) and the paint cracked as a consequence, but I think that adds to their character.
I am leaving them exactly as they are at the moment, I like the yellow and the blue side by side, but I know the "symmetrical" part of me might just be tempted to paint them the same, yellow immediately springs to mind, but mI know that is an urge I really need to resist for fear of ruining them!!!!!