Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ingredients Lists …..

Sorry, I’ve been away for the weekend and was unable to reply to a couple of questions left in the “chatbox” until now. My answers are a little long for the “chatbox”, so I’ve answered them here.
I have never sold my “stuff” at a public event/school fayre etc., so my experience on labelling is limited. Knowing that it can be a contentious issue,  if I did, I think I might steer clear of selling anything that I thought might cause problems re: listing ingredients etc. purely for the reasons that Diane encountered.
However, think about this …. when I buy my quarter (100 gms)  of sweets from my local Olde Sweete Shoppe in town, as often is my want,  the sweets are weighed out and put in a plain paper bag,  the same applies for when I indulge myself with a mahoooosive bag of Pick n Mix, again I have no clue to the ingredients ………
I have found this PDF which may be of use ….. but there are a lot of other sites from which you can get information.
If you really want to “cover” yourself, it wouldn’t hurt to type up the ingredients of whatever you are using onto a self adhesive label and put it on the back of your packets.  As I have said I have a limited knowledge on the subject but I am sure there may be others here who may be able to add to what I have suggested.

Lest We Forget