Thursday, 23 May 2013

It Comes To Him That Waits ……

Do you remember the retro mirror I spotted in a local charity shop window but baulked at the price tag of £10, back at the beginning of March?
Retro mirrorWell,  I went back all these months later and it was still there, on the floor, in the corner,  under a pile of plates …………… but this time marked down to £5, how often does that happen in a charity shop …..?
Retro mirror. 1Well,  I was at the counter before you could shabby chic!  I don’t have a clue what to do with it …. but I am going to take Marc’s advice and just hang it in situ for a while and see what comes to me …… to be honest, all it really needs is a bit of a rub down and then just needs a couple of coats of spray paint, but a more “on trend” colour and leave it at that ….. why over egg the pudding of a design I just love?

Little Wish Bottles.

I made these little wish bottles for the GCSE Food girls at school.  Every week for the past two years they have been cooking the most delicious food which they asked me to help evaluate …. it was a hard job …. but someone had to do it!!!
little wish bottles
I wanted to give them a little something to say “thank you” and to bring them good luck for their exams in the coming weeks.  The bottles came from The Works and cost 99p for a pack of 6, all I added were a few stars and a tiny piece of paper on which I wrote “wish”