Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Christmas Post of the Year

It’s hard to know when to start Christmas ….. I begin looking for and thinking about ideas in the summer holiday and try to get quite a few put together ….. but when should I start  posting them?  …… Well, I have decided to start now ….. and will add others as and when I do them.  If you are anything like me, I’d hate to find a brilliant idea a couple of days before Christmas and have no time/materials to make it …….. so here we go …and as it gets nearer to Christmas I can start on Easter!!!
Santa Chocolate Bar (2) 
I’ve seen this idea done in lots of different ways when I have been Googling and this is my version ….. take one chocolate bar ……
Santa Chocolate Bar (1)
…….. cover it with red paper, add a belt and buckle, a few buttons, a beard and some fur trim.  The beard and trim are made using a glitter paper, which is easier to wrap round the chocolate bar. (AC0123W - 12 glitter sheets per pack from  There are two shades of white in the pack, one a brilliant white and the other is slightly creamier in tone.
You could also stick a loop of red ribbon to the chocolate bar before covering it to make a Christmas Tree decoration …….or ….. get a length of string, make 25 of them, add a peel off number to each one et voila an Advent Calendar!

My Many Pocketed Advent Calendar Challenge!

This is my “Many Pocketed Advent Calendar” hung up on my craft room door………

Many Pocketed Advent Calendar Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to make a little something for each pocket before 1st December, then I will take it to work and let everyone choose a pocket  …… I think 24 totally different ideas might be a lot for my haddled brain …. so some ideas may be duplicated but different, if you know what I mean, i.e I may decorate three chocolate bars, but they will each have a separate design …… how exciting!