Sunday, 27 March 2011

NEC – Hobbycrafts Show – Get Me Out Of Here!!!!!

Oh my life …… my head….. it's BANGING!  Every year I say "NEVER again", but in the six months between the two shows each year I seem to develop Crafters Amnesia!  It was very busy and bustling, but, and perhaps some people may argue, there seemed to be fewer stalls and big name products, that said some of the stalls were so cramped and hard to get to look at that I just didn't try to get near. I didn’t get anything on my list …. and though I told Lisa (CraftFairy)  that she wasn’t to allow me to buy any stamps …. I did!  DOH! (and so did she, and she doesn’t even stamp!).
I was delighted to find some more purple houndstooth paper that I got several years ago, used up and have looked for ever since, it made the most wonderful favour bags for a wedding a while back (see above)
Stella Rose - My Minds Eye
Stella Rose - My Minds Eye
But I didn’t find any random red and white spotty card for this years Monkey Christmas Cards, so that was disappointing,  but was made up by these Stella and Rose pads from My Minds Eye, spotted by Lisa. What I like about them is that the patterns are small (almost tiny), delicate but with a shabby edge and in proportion to the size of the pads, which make them excellent for card making.
Crafty Individuals Stamps
These are the stamps I bought from Crafty Individuals, I hope/pray that they are easy to use …. I adore the tree stamp ….. so quirky…. with so many elements that will hopefully appeal and be suitable for so many different people.  As Lisa said, they are a card in themselves, so I am planning on just printing them onto card/paper and perhaps layering the butterflies.
Tim Holtz Vials 
Pure indulgence above, just for me to look at …. Tim Holtz vials ….
Wooden Flower EmbellishmentsWooden Flower Embellishments
And some wooden flower embellishments, which I’ll probably use as they are …. with no colouring etc.
Picture 216
And finally this house from Decopatch has to be the bargain of the day …… £6!  I’ll probably sit on it for a while, before finally deciding how to “embellish” it.
I bought a few other bits and pieces, but they can wait until I have done something with them, so I’m in for a busy week then …. I am determined that I will not let this little lot languish in my craft room …. you WILL be seeing what I make with them in the coming week or so …..