Thursday, 17 October 2019

Dunelm Cushion Covers ...... My Bedroom Frou Frou Is Finally Complete!

Thank you for all your kind comments last week about my re-vamped boudoir and the vintage 50's - 60's metal framed mirrors I updated to go with it, it was more or less done but that something missing in the bed department (...... apart from Alister Campbell who makes me I go weak at the knees whenever he's on TV!!!!).
I knew I needed cushions but wasn't sure about the colour or material to go for  ....... until Lu and I took a trip to Dunelm on Saturday afternoon  ........ and there they were, I believe I might have squealed!
I bought two turquoise chenille and one embellished antique white lace. However when we first put them on the bed I wasn't sure, something still wasn't right, another turquoise cushion would have been too much, but I needed something in the middle ...... then after wracking my brain for most of the evening  I suddenly remembered the silver, sequined cushion cover I usually put in the guest room at Christmas ........ bingo!  Michelle you were bang on!  
I was so inspired with the all of the colours in the chenille range that I decided to order a few more online as I have never quite got the colours for additional cushions right for my patchwork sofa, but Dunelm's turquoise, plum and fuchsia were a perfect match, you would have thought they had come with it!

So that's it after three and a half years I have finally got all the fiddle farty things in my little flat just as I want them ....... now I feel quite lost, what on earth am I going to plan and scheme about now????