Monday, 20 December 2010

Oh my life, I have found my perfect gingerbread man on this site:- - he's 1.5 ins wide x 2ins tall - BUT - he comes from USA, costs $19 (about £12.22) plus p & p and is currently out of stock!  So in the words of The Apprentice - FiddleFarts search to find her perfect gingerbread man continues .....

Santa’s Plate

Picture 002
I’ve just used an old white tea plate and some ceramic painter pens to make this plate for putting Santa’s mince pies on, on Christmas Eve. The pens are very easy to use.
Santa's Cookie Plate 2
They cost about £3.00 each from HobbyCraft.
Santa's Cookie Plate 1
The design was baked in the oven at 160c /325f for 40 minutes.