Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Charity Shop ***p NOT - Italian Holy Water Font

Oh my goodness, definitely not Charity ***p, when I saw this beauty lying flat on the shelf in Evesham’s Extracare shop I wasn’t sure what it was, but when I picked it up I thought I would burst ……. as you know I love religious kitsch and this, well!??!!! I didn’t even notice the price but when I did, £1.99 …….. I would have paid an awful lot more. We were meant to be, I love it in all its na├»ve crudity.
I think it’s terracotta judging by the rough red material showing on the back and then, (but … what do I know) the front is covered with slip and then hand painted??? After a very quick Google search I am pretty sure it’s Italian, it’s a holy water font probably for domestic use.  It’s probably a holiday souvenir  with not much age to it, but it would have cost quite a bit more than £1.99.  I am thrilled and it has aroused my curiosity so I will be researching similar pieces some more.  I may also be going to Italy next year, so I I will definitely be keeping my eye out for another one or two, smaller versions perhaps.
When I got home I went all round the flat trying to find a apt place for my treasure, she’s now in the hall, on her own,  just to the side of the door into the lounge/dinner so she can’t be missed, but where there is room should I stumble upon any more (in Italy or possibly E-bay).  In the meantime I have put a very small tea light in the bottom (originally a floating wedding tea light from Home Bargains) in the bottom of the font bowl, so in the evening she looks, how shall I say, very atmospheric and very romantic!