Tuesday, 4 September 2012

80th Birthday Card

I know there is nothing remarkable about this card that I made for my Father In Law but I thought I would use it to illustrate something I really wish craft companies would make ……
80th Birthday card
……and that is sheets of self adhesive letters that make up certain phases like “Happy Birthday”, which on an ordinary alphabet sheet uses up 2h’s, 2p’s 2a’s and 2y’s instantly!!  I have a couple of boxes full of sheets with none of these letters …. but lots of f’s and j’s  etc. which I don’t have call to use that often..  I know I could make sheets of my own on my Silhouette, but I am not that organised and forward planning.  You can get peel off sheets of single letters in gold and silver …. but I’m being fussy here …..I want pretty patterns ….. AND the moon on a stick!!!  Any ideas?