Saturday, 6 November 2010

Snowman Soup

This is the snowman card I put in the Snow Man Soup packetsSnowman Soup Card
Ingredients for Snowman Soup
I used a square cello card bag to put the ingredients in, the card faces the front.
Back of Completed Snowman Soup Packet
Behind it I put the hot chocolate sachet, candy cane and a small cello pretzel bag cut down a little for the marshmallows and a few metallic confetti stars.

Christmas Penguin Chocolate Bar

Christmas Penguin Chocolate Bar
I found this chocolate bar quite hard to make as I just couldn’t get his “white bits” right, I think I tried to be too arty farty, when in the end a plain and simple rectangle worked out the best.
Christmas Penguin Chocolate Bar Close UP
I’ve given him a bit of a quiff and a ribbon on the back to hang him on the Christmas Tree. So cute!