Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Thank You …… Lost Photos ….. And Other Developments ….

What a to do!  Thank you sooooooooo much for all your help and advice and e-mails re: my lost photos!!
I shall attempt to explain the problem ….. I use Livewriter to create a blog post because it is much easier to manipulate pictures and text than Blogger.  When a post is complete I then send it “magically” to either one of my blogs to said Blogger, where, more or  less all I need to do is schedule a date for the post to be published.
But connected to the Livewriter programme is Picasa where all the pictures I have used are stored.  I don’t often look at Picasa, and goodness knows what made me look on Sunday, but when I saw I had albums containing 1000’s of old pictures I decided to have a “clean up” ….. not realising how everything was intrinsically linked! Not “only” did I delete two albums into the Trash Can, but despite the warning I also then went on to empty the Trash Can and that is when they all disappeared for good!!!!
I have never backed up my blog pictures ….. there are so many, once a story or project is over I don’t really need them, and like I said there were/are thousands of them after 5 years of writing two blogs.
I think I can salvage “Mums Monkey” in time, from what I can see I have lost six months of photos …… I can do this by retrieving the blog posts one at a time from Blogger, because, goodness knows why/how, the pictures, though they don’t appear in Blogger in any shape or form, still exist in Livewriter when retrieved, if that makes sense.  So by copying the pictures and then saving them again as a jpeg I can reinsert them back into the post …. and as before, return it to Blogger, talk about a Fiddle Fart!  However, I am a little mystified by the fact that few odd pictures remain, but never mind.
As I said, I think I may be able to do this very slowly for “The Boys”, but I think too much has been lost with Fiddle Fart ……. when I looked yesterday, there are pages and pages and pages without pictures …….. and that is my conundrum …… I think the days of Fiddle Fart were drawing nigh …. I craft so little these days …… and life, once more, if changing big time for me ….. not only do I have the most wonderful baby granddaughter Iris Amelia Geddes, who arrived on 20th June, and will be taking up an awful lot of weekends from now on ……….
BUT, redundancy has reared it’s ugly head at the school where I work, and I have “opted” to take voluntary redundancy ….. although with less than three weeks left before the end of term this has yet to be confirmed!  My old job no longer fits the new structure, and although there were jobs that were “ring fenced”, without going into too much detail, most jobs have been down graded, hours cut and responsibilities added to …….. so I have decided, foolishly or otherwise, to jump ship and not apply for any of the new positions. 
I have rambled on enough for one day  …… but I have more to add, so I will “divulge” again tomorrow