Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Project …. Having A Go At A Decopatch Chair

I have said a couple of times already that I am struggling with my mojo, which is why you are seeing a lot of my Christmas stuff now, because I have had to bunk it down so I still have posts to post if you see what I mean ……. but at the moment I do find Decopatch very soothing …. and it takes no thinking!
Decopatch ProjectSo, when I saw this chair outside one of the  village shops going free to a good home, it would have looked rude not to avail myself of it and bring it home ….. The Duke use to just tut and sigh when I brought “more rubbish” into the house ….. but I have been wanting to have a go at a Decopatch chair for ages and fortuitously Tom and Laura had bought me a pile of new papers a couple of weeks ago ….. so it was fate!!
Decopatch PapersI am also having a bit of a reshuffle in the house at the moment and I need a new chair for my bedroom, and this could be it!  I have never reupholstered a seat before, but I have a staple gun …. so how hard can it be?  So watch this space!!!!
Decopatch Chair
Since writing this post on Wednesday I couldn’t resist making a start …. all I can say is that it is lot fiddlier than anything I have decopatched before ….. and I am dreading the knobbly bits on the legs!!! However, a little and often I think.  It is interesting to see how Decopatch works when put straight on dark wood … I thought it might be more subdued …. but it still looks bright and fresh. I am thinking that I am going for a cerise seat cover …. and if I could find a knitted jumper that I could cut up for it, it could look pretty FAB!!!