Friday, 7 January 2011

Hmmmm …. My Sock Monkey

Picture 965 
I’ve wanted have a go at making a sock monkey for ages, and this was an inspired Christmas present from my sister-in-law. 
Sock Monkey Kit
The instructions seemed very clear and simple, and the pack was labelled Age 6+!
Sock Monkey instructions
I embarked upon the project with great gusto, but after seeing my first effort, Mr FiddleFart picked it up and examined it  carefully saying , “I think you must have followed the instructions wrong!” Hmmmmm….
Sock Monkey
I know sock monkeys are not supposed to be really cute, but I seem to have created the “Evil Sock Monkey from Hell”, the stuff from which horror films are made!
Sock Monkey 1
I have to admit sewing isn’t really my thing, in fact it makes my gums itch and I can’t do any fancy stitching, which probably accounts for the “evil” mouth. So, I will keep the pattern in a safe place, and may have another go when I see an “inspiring” pair of socks! But there again perhaps I should stick to paper!!!