Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fine Tip Glue Applicators – By Anne Peak

Sonya asked in the “ChatBox” what glue we are all using to stick clear gems.  I use a DIY PVA,  bought from hardware stall at a local market – it’s more economical  to buy a large bottle and then decant it – and as it not a “craft” glue, I always imagine its a bit stronger !
But the one gluing  tool I couldn’t be without is this – Anne Peak’s Fine Tip Glue Applicator – they are BRILLIANT!
glue bottle
I have two on my desk and just couldn’t craft without them. They apply a 1/2mm line or dot of glue, which means you can really work in fine detail and mean you don’t get great big blobs of glue on you work.  The bottles cost £3.25 each – but will last forever.
You  need to buy a few specially coated pins that fit in the nozzle and stop it getting bunged up.  These cost 25p each, and I tend to get a few at a time as spares.
For more details got to – and no, I am not on commission!

Snowman Soup Mug

snowman soup mug
Just a bit of fun ….. using my ceramic painting pens.
snowman soup mug 2 snowman soup mug 3
I’m no great shakes when it comes to drawing snowmen, but it’ll be ok on Christmas Eve!
snowman soup mug 4
Santa's Cookie Plate 2