Monday, 3 July 2017

A Trip To Corfu Town

Lu and my holiday to Corfu was wonderful, the beach, the food and just the rest, doing nothing but drinking in the blue sea, a bit of people watching and quaffing the odd 3 for 2 cocktails! Arillas, our resort was very small, so we decided that we ought to tear ourselves away from the beach for just a little while for an evening trip in Corfu Town and a day trip to Kassiopi. They did disappoint. 
corfu 2Corfu 1
Thank goodness we chose to visit Corfu Town in the evening, it was still pretty hot, but Lu and I are women who were born to mooch, so by taking on plenty of liquid refreshment we did our best not to wilt in the heat
corfu 8acorfu 9
  The old town was stunning ……..
corfu 10corfu 12
……. so many romantic alleys, leading to mysterious places.
corfu 14acorfu 15
And, in one of my moments of pondering, I couldn’t help wonder why other peoples washing, hung out of windows and on balconies looks so quaint, where back home, it just looks, well …… shonky!
corfu 18corfu 16
The shops were full of lovely things, but because all the shelves and sills in my flat are just as I want them (for the time being) I had to be restrained………..
corfu 22 ……. so my money was safe with this little festive gathering, although I am always on the look out for vintage or “different” Christmas bits and pieces, but it made me smile!
corfu 3corfu 5
I also decided that if I were ever to get married again (????? heaven help me, and no, I have no such plans) …… but if I did ….. I would definitely go back to Corfu for my trousseau.  The lace was stunning, and so feminine …..
corfu 6…….. however, perhaps the ensemble below was a little over the top ……
corfu 14 …….. I don’t know why, but Joan Collins springs to mind!!!corfu 7There were so many objects of desire …………
corfu 8…… and inspiration, like this display of hand-painted magnets, which gave me an idea, using children’s wooden dominoes …… if I have the confidence to have a go at drawing and painting.
  corfu 20corfu 19
Happy days ……..