Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Altered Domino Christmas Light Tag -Tree Decoration

This project uses a 7cm x 3.5cms children's picture domino as it’s base and was again very much a FiddleFart experiment.
Domino Crafts Christmas Light Decoration Domino TagI covered the picture side of the domino with a scrap of white paper.  I’ve had the thread of tiny Christmas lights forever and wondered if they would work on a domino tag/tree decoration. 
Christmas Light tag 1Getting the lights and parts of the thread to lie down was a nightmare, in the end I flooded the area with a very generous dose of Aleene’s Pendant Gel, and sat for quite a while holding the parts of thread and lights that wouldn’t lie down with a cocktail stick. The background looked a little plain so I added a sprinkling of tiny gold stars. That done I then had to leave the gel to set for 24 hours, so much no poking restraint was required.
Domino Crafts Christmas Light Decoration Tag.Once the gel had hardened I covered the sides with silver ( Inkssentials Memory Foil (possibly no longer available in UK)  and smoothed it down with a crease mouse.
Domino Crafts Christmas Lights TagI screwed a tiny silver eye hook in the top of the “domino”, using a teal coloured jewellery wire and  a large silver bead to make the hanger.  It is finished, but something isn’t quite right, I think the white background isn’t right, but what do I use instead that still makes the colours of the lights stand out and remain the focal point …. I am thinking silver or gold?  Any suggestions would be welcome.